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Features and benefits of fleet management distribution and dispatching software

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Smart mission assignment

Using Optime’s smart planning and fleet management system, the dispatching process will be automated considering the company’s desired constraints which substantially reduces the required time and human resources versus manual dispatching.
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Considering weight and volume capacity of the fleet

Optime’s automatic dispatching algorithms consider weight and volume capacity of the fleet so that the fleets’ capacity is optimally utilized which reduces the number of fleet or balances the fleets’ load.
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Optimum sequencing of the missions

Optime’s smart planning system provides the optimum sequence for the missions based on the travelled distance and duration, fuel consumption, etc. Optime also enables the companies to define their own parameters to reduce their costs and use smart logistic system.
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Considering traffic of the distribution time window

Assuming the daily distribution time window of 3 to 5 hours, Optime’s planning algorithms consider the traffic during the distribution time window so that the drivers deal with the least amount of traffic jams.
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Customer Satisfaction

Optime’s planning system enables the companies to prioritize their customers in terms of the when they are provided with the service or delivery; moreover, the customers are notified of the driver’s estimated time of arrival (ETA). Optime’s mobile application for drivers also supports different types of proof of delivery including taking picture, signature and delivery code.
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Live tracking

Optime’s mobile application for the drivers, requiring no hardware installation and based on the driver’s smart phone only, enables live tracking and online monitoring of the fleet and the missions’ statuses. Also, any inaccurate locations or using fake location applications are detected.
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Cost reduction

AI based smart planning and fleet management results in reduction of logistic costs in different ways. With a systematic and accurate planning, the fleet will be mobilized with their maximum capacity utilization which in turn reduces number of fleet and drivers. Moreover, using the AI based planning algorithms, dispatching process will be performed optimally which reduces the travelled distance and duration and as a result the consumed fuel.
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Waiting time for each destination

Waiting time, distribution and unloading time at each destination is considered in Optime’s planning and hence, the priority and ETA for each destination is accurate and based on all previous destinations’ waiting times. Moreover, the system is able to estimate the waiting time, e. g. waiting time at a chain store is much more than an ordinary store all of which are considered in Optime’s planning.

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CPG & FMCG Retail



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Courier and Parcel Delivery


intercity transportation and freight

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Specialized training

Optime’s expert team will comprehensively provide the required instructions to your operators at your company on-site.

Special support

Optime’s support team will be with you through all steps of using the planning and tracking dashboard, 7/24.

Free consultation

In order to get more information about Optime’s customized plans for your business, you can contact us and get a free consultation.

Integration with organization software (ERP)

Optime provides supports ERP integration using API, SDK, and plugins.

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