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Support for proof of delivery (POD)

Optime’s mobile application supports sending photo, electronic signature or using delivery code as proof of delivery for better customer experience and validation. Therefore, all PODs are documented and the delivery and distribution process will be performed more transparently.
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Sequencing the destinations

Optime’s smart planning system provides the optimum sequence for the missions based on the travelled distance and duration, fuel consumption, etc. Optime also enables the companies to define their own parameters to reduce their costs.
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Smart routing

Using Optime’s smart routing service, the drivers no longer need to know the neighborhoods and via navigation software could easily reach its destination. This enables the dispatching specialists with more flexibility in the driver assignment process, where there would be no limitations as to which driver should perform certain missions.
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Map visualization of the missions

Optime’s mobile application provides the driver with a map visualization of all destinations which gives a better insight about sequencing the destinations and navigating between them.
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Accurate tracking of the driver’s performance

Optime’s mobile application logs the start and end timestamps of the working shift. The stop times at each destination, status of the missions such as: completed, half delivered, no receiver, etc. are also specified.
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Link to other navigation applications

Optime’s smart routing and navigation application could also link to other navigation applications installed on the drivers’ smart phone such as Google Maps, Waze, etc.

What businesses could use our services?


CPG & FMCG Retail



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Courier and Parcel Delivery


intercity transportation and freight

Optime will walk you through all the steps

Specialized training

Optime’s expert team will comprehensively provide the required instructions to your operators at your company on-site.

Special support

Optime’s support team will be with you through all steps of using the planning and tracking dashboard, 7/24.

Free consultation

In order to get more information about Optime’s customized plans for your business, you can contact us and get a free consultation.

Integration with organization software (ERP)

Optime provides supports ERP integration using API, SDK, and plugins.

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